BLR Safety Summit on Best Practices and OSHA Compliance in 2014

It’s not always easy for safety BLR Safety Summitprofessionals to stay on top of best practices and OSHA compliance issues.

The good news: BLR – a provider of U.S. compliance and training solutions for human resources, compensation, safety and environmental markets – is offering a 3-day interactive learning and networking event to provide safety engineers and managers with resources on the latest in OSHA compliance challenges. Here at Clarion, we’re proud to be sponsoring and participating at this summit – one that’s sure to be an exciting event for safety.

Are you attending? If so, there are a few different ways you can connect with Clarion, and learn more about OSHA/ANSI safety sign systems:

  • Seminar: Clarion CEO Geoffrey Peckham will be presenting on “New OSHA/ANSI Safety Sign Systems: A New and Better Tool to Reduce Accidents in Today’s Workplaces.” Be sure to attend the seminar on Friday, April 11, 2014 from 1:40 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • Exhibit: Stop by Clarion’s booth to learn about the power of effective safety sign systems, and to speak with Clarion representatives on OSHA’s 2013 update to its regulations on workplace safety signs.

If you’re not attending the show and need more information on best practice safety sign systems, keep in mind: at Clarion, we’re ready to help! Browse our safety sign catalog – or contact us with questions or custom safety sign needs.

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Your Guide to OSHA/ANSI Safety Sign Systems – From the Experts at Clarion

Do you have questions or need more information on OSHA’s 2013 update to its workplace safety sign regulations?

Good news: Clarion has released a free informational resource to help safety professionals better understand what this change – that incorporated the ANSI Z535 safety sign and tag standards into OSHA’s regulations – means for you and your organization.

The whitepaper, “New OSHA/ANSI Safety Sign Systems,” will:

  • Explain why OSHA recognized the new and better warnings technology
  • Show how it better communicates safety in today’s public areas and workplaces
  • Give the information you need to develop and install best practice OSHA/ANSI safety sign systems

Download your free copy of Clarion’s whitepaper today.

At Clarion, we’re ready to help make the OSHA changeover process easy for you! Browse our safety sign catalog – or contact us with questions or custom safety sign needs.

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Learn About Effective Safety Signs at the NDPA 2014 Conference!

Pool season may Clarion Pool Safety Signnot quite have heated up yet for swimmers – at least not in our corner of the world here at Clarion – but for facilities with pools, it’s never too early to be thinking about safety.

And, that’s just what will be happening next week in Orlando, Florida at the National Drowning Prevention Alliance’s (NPDA) 2014 Annual Educational Conference, the country’s leading conference devoted to drowning prevention. As part of Clarion’s ongoing partnership with the NPDA, Clarion will be sponsoring and exhibiting at this year’s conference.

If you’re attending, be sure to visit with Clarion representatives who will be onsite to discuss effective pool safety sign systems and the Seal of Safer Pool Practices program (a collaboration between Clarion and the NDPA to promote water safety).

Why are pool signs so important for aquatics facilities when it comes to safety? Signs are a critical elements in keeping swimmers safe from harm and in helping to fulfill the legal duty to warn. That’s where Clarion’s innovative pool safety signs can help. Our signs are:

  • Developed by leading experts in safety standards, signage and aquatics
  • The ONLY sign system on the market tested by viewers and proven to be quickly recognized and easily understood
  • Designed with clear graphical symbols to draw attention to core safety messages
  • Part of a system that informs and reminds swimmers of hazards, reiterating essential warnings through strategic placement and proper viewing distance
  • Compliant with the latest standards to fulfill your legal “duty to warn”

To learn more about pool safety and effective safety signs, watch our short video “Preventing Swimming Pool Accidents and Lawsuits.”


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Clarion to Present Live Webinar on New OSHA/ANSI Safety Sign Systems

Do you have the resources you need to implement OSHA’s new 2013 sign regulations?

We’re here to help! Clarion will be delivering a free, live webinar on new OSHA/ANSI safety sign systems on Tuesday, February 25 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST.

This webinar will:

  • Explain why OSHA recognized the new and better warnings technology
  • Show how it better communicates safety in today’s public areas and workplaces
  • Give environmental, health and safety professionals the information they need to develop and install best practice OSHA/ANSI safety sign systems within their organizations

The webinar will be presented by Geoffrey Peckham, CEO of Clarion Safety Systems, and will feature a 45-minute live presentation followed by a 15-minute real-time question and answer session from the audience. For more information and the full details, be sure to take a look at our news release.

Please join us next Tuesday by registering for the event. By registering, participants can either attend the live webinar or be sent a recording after the event.

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Creating Effective Product Safety Labels

For product safety engineers, a critical part of the overall safety of products and equipment is your safety labels.

Safety labels can play a key role in preventing injuries and saving lives. This is especially true when it comes to electrical hazard safety labels, where the danger at hand can relate to arc flash, lockout/tagout, grounding, and many more.

Where do you start in designing an effective label? There are several main building block elements that should be considered:

  • Knowing the type of content to go on the label
  • Understanding your intended audience
  • Using the latest standards and best practices when you consider colors, formats, text, content, symbols, materials, and location

Product safety label elementsA compilation of all of the different elements (from signal words to text messages to symbols) that must be considered, and brought together cohesively, when designing effective product safety labels.

Designing the most effective safety label possible, keeping all of the above and best practices in mind, can be a very complex task.

The good news is: here at Clarion, we’re here to help! To learn more about this topic from InCompliance Magazine - Clarion Safety Systems Articlethe experts at Clarion, you’ll want to read the “On Your Mark” article featured in the latest issue of In Compliance Magazine, which provides an in-depth discussion from Clarion CEO, Geoffrey Peckham, on effective product safety labels.

On Your Mark” is a regular column that explores labeling and graphical symbols, and how they’re used to convey safety messages. Stay tuned here on the Clarion Safety Systems blog for the next article in this series – and for more insight on best practice safety signs, labels, and markings.

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