New Pool Safety Reference Guide Now Available – And Features Clarion!

It’s summertime, the time of year when many of us could benefit by brushing up on our water safety knowledge. If you’re a pool operator, pool manager, residential pool owner, swimming coach, or lifeguard, there’s a new resource for practical water safety information that may be especially helpful to be aware of –
The Complete Swimming Pool Reference

Aquatic professionals Tom Griffiths and Rachel Griffiths recently published the third edition of their book, “The Complete Swimming Pool Reference.” The book aims to educate on the newest swimming pool technologies and information in order to improve the safety and enjoyment of guests at aquatic facilities, and has now been updated with the latest news and trends on topics like the Americans with Disabilities Act, risk management, and water safety. Clarion Pool Safety Signs

You won’t want to miss the chapter on “Rethinking Pool Signage,” which has been authored by Clarion’s CEO, Geoffrey Peckham. That section of the book explores the main purposes of pool safety sign systems and the characteristics of effective, best practice signage.

“Aquatic facilities face three major challenges: preventing accidents from occurring, protecting their facility from liability and meeting code regulations,” Peckham says. “Using the ANSI standards, well-designed graphical symbols, clearly defining and communicating their content, and choosing the ideal placement locations are the keys to an effective pool safety sign system. Getting this information right can be the difference between life and death for a facility’s patrons.”

To learn more about pool safety and effective pool safety sign systems, be sure to visit the pool safety section of our website today!

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Effective Product Safety Labels: Your Guide to Content

Designing effective product safety labels that can help to prevent injuries and save lives is a complex task. One of the key elements that needs to be considered is your content – the symbols and text that are used to communicate information to protect people from harm and companies from product liability risk.

Where do you start? The ANSI Z535 standards – which represent the U.S. best practices in communicating safety on signs, labels, tags and in manuals – are a good starting point. ANSI Z535.4, specifically, defines the content of your safety labels and makes it very clear what should be conveyed.

When it comes to communicating through an ANSI Z535.4-compliant label, there are three visual elements used:

  1. Signal word (which communicates the degree or level of seriousness of the hazard)
  2. Symbol(s)
  3. Word message (both of these last two elements identify the hazard, the probable consequence of involvement with the hazard, and how the hazard can be avoided)

                                  OSHA-style                           ANSI Z535-style

In the example above, you can see how the up-to-date ANSI Z535.4 “Danger – High Voltage” label at right conveys more complete hazard information than its older, OSHA-style counterpart at left.

Interested in learning more about content and safety communications? Read the “On Your Mark” article featured in the latest issue of In Compliance Magazine, which provides an in-depth discussion from Clarion CEO, Geoffrey Peckham, on content and effective product safety labels.

“On Your Mark” is a regular column that explores labeling and graphical symbols, and how they’re used to convey safety messages. Stay tuned here on the Clarion Safety Systems’ blog for the next article in this series – and for more insight on best practice safety signs, labels, and markings.

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ANSI Standards in Safety Signs and Labels – Your Quick Video Guide!

Designing product safety labels that can communicate information effectively in order to protect people from harm and reduce a company’s liability risk can be a complex task.

In the U.S., our national standard – American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z535 – is a good starting point to guide you in the options to consider. The ANSI standards represent the current best practices in communicating safety on signs and labels. ANSI has established a set of standards – the ANSI Z535 standards – that provide those who design and use warnings with guidance in content considerations and the proper use of symbols, colors, formats and word messages – all to achieve a national, uniform system of hazard recognition so people are less likely to be injured.

Did you know? … Here at Clarion, we have a short video available on ANSI. When you watch the video, “ANSI Standards in Safety Signs and Labels,” you’ll learn how the ANSI standards use colors and signal words to convey severity levels, straight from our CEO, Geoffrey Peckham, who also serves as chair of the ANSI Z535 Committee (the committee in charge of the U.S. standards for safety colors, signs, symbols, labels, tags and safety information in manuals) and chair of the U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 145 (the committee in charge of international standards for safety signs, colors, and symbols). Be sure to take a look – and share!

Need more information on how to get the critical task of safety communication done right? We’re here to help. Contact us today. And, ask us about our safety label assessments, where we evaluate your current labels and provide recommendations to assure compliance with the latest standards and best practices.

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Upcoming Seminar at ASSE Safety 2014: OSHA/ANSI Safety Sign Systems

Here’s an update for all of the safety, health and environmental professionals and our partners in safety attending this year’s American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) annual expo and professional development conference:

Clarion’s CEO Geoffrey Peckham will be presenting an educational seminar on OSHA/ANSI safety sign systems as an outcome of risk assessment at the ASSE Safety 2014 show, taking place next week, June 8 – 11, in Orlando, Florida.

Are you interested in attending? The session is #517, titled, “A New and Powerful Risk Reduction Technique: Creating OSHA/ANSI Safety Sign Systems as an Outcome of Risk Assessment,” and takes place Monday, June 9 from 10:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Many safety professionals aren’t aware of OSHA’s recent safety sign regulation changes – changes that go beyond the GHS initiative and effect nearly every industry. This session will explain how to use the new tools of risk assessment and the OSHA/ANSI safety sign standards to create safety sign systems that reduce accidents and prevent liability exposure. The seminar will explore these two new tools and how they can be practically applied, with the ultimate goal of helping to create safer work environments to prevent fatalities, injuries and illnesses.

To learn more, visit the ASSE Safety 2014 website. We hope to see you there!

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Clarion’s CEO to Present Course on Product Safety and Liability

Attention engineers, product safety personnel, paralegals, attorneys, and others with product safety-related responsibilities! We have news on an upcoming educational program offered by the University of Wisconsin. The 3-day Annual Product Liability Conference is designed to assist organizations in enhancing their current product safety and liability prevention activities by obtaining up-to-date information on a wide range of topics from experts in the field.

Clarion CEO, Geoffrey Peckham, will be one of the experts featured in the program. In the June 24 session, he’ll share safety communication experience and standards expertise related to the ANSI Z535 standards, as well as a hands-on workshop. Topics will include:

  • The ANSI Z535 Standards for Product Safety Signs and Labels
  • International Standards
  • U.S./International Standards Harmonization
  • Durability Considerations
  • Warnings Improvement Workshop Using Attendees’ Existing Labels

The course will be held June 24 – 26 in Madison, Wisconsin and is currently open for enrollment. Visit the University of Wisconsin’s website for the full course outline, information on earning continuing education credits, and enrollment details.

Want to preview Clarion’s safety expertise? View the Clarion video library to see our educational videos on topics like: Effective Safety Symbols, Signs and Labels; ANSI Standards in Safety Signs and Labels; ISO Symbols for Safety Signs and Labels; and Durability of Safety Signs, Labels, and Markings.

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